Technological Clinics

952186_21478682aThe technological clinics aim at bringing secondary and higher education female students together with researchers in fields related to AI to foster the debate on research as a possible career path and on future needs in research.

Technological clinics will be organised in each partner country. Please visit the individual language versions of the website for further information on national events.





Two technological clinics have been organised in cooperation with FH Joanneum Aviation and ACstyria. Both events presented different topics of aviation in higher education and introduced interested secondary school students to university life by providing real life insights in aviation and aeronautics related studies.


The Technological Clinics were conducted with the aim, pupils of seconds-scale apprenticeship II to bring aviation-related programs closer. So the days were respectively designed that at the beginning of the respective short course was presented with content and job-entry prospects and then practical insight was given in the fields of research especially with respect to the air traffic controllers and pilots.



The events at 18 March 2015 and 30 April 2015 aimed at showing the research Laboratories of the Department of Industrial Engineering to secondary school an high education female students. The idea is to show how the researchers actually work, which are the main streams of the research and how the facilities are organised. In some cases, such as in the Virtual Reality Lab, participants to the event have been invited to experiment the devices that are normally used to perform the experiments in the lab that concern the Human Machine Interfaces.

The main goal of the event has been an increased awareness of the environment that characterises the Engineering Department. On the other side the students have been informed of the IN2SAI project and of the other activities performed in the framework of the project.


1) On 19th June 2014 – female students of the University of Palermo had a chance of meeting researchers and staff of Selex- Es ( an international company that works with electronic and information solutions for defence, aerospace, space, etc.). It was an opportunity for the students to have an insight in the industry, talk to the researchers in the field and learn about their possible future carrier. For more information, please visit CESIE website.

2) On 20th March 2015, CESIE has organized a Technical Clinic trip for over 60 school students from 2 schools of Palermo (IISS “Alessandro Volta” and ITTL “Nautico Gioeni- Trabia”) to the Aeronautical Engineering Faculty at the University of Palermo (UNIPA). The visit gave a chance to school students to meet the researchers, professors of the University in the Aeronautical area, as well as the students in the last year of studies that shared their experience on the educational path they undertook. The students had a tour around the Faculty and its facilities, laboratories and museum. They also had an opportunity of learning what the aeronautical engineering and faculty is about, asked questions, expressed their concerns in case of possible choice of this area of studies and got inspired by the examples of the senior university students. For more information, please visit CESIE website.


On the 9th of April 2015, 38 students from the secondary School Sebastião da Gama, Setúbal – Portugal, participated in the event “Aeronautic Day” hosted by “Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Setúbal do Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal (ESTSetúbal/IPS)” and organised by INOVA+ in collaboration with national partners such as QUASAR-Human Capital, LAUAK Portuguesa and Parque BlueBiz of AICEP. The event offered the opportunity to learn more about the aeronautic world and raise the participants´ interest about the aeronautic field and existing courses in this area, which young students may not fully know. During the Technological Clinic students visited the facilities of ESTSetúbal/IPS experiencing the environment at a Higher Education Institution. They received a guided tour through different areas/departments of the School, for instance the laboratory and the machining center of the ESTSetúbal/IPS. They learned the purpose and objective of different tools and machines and how these were used in the industry. Participants were also able to try the flight simulator, as well as ask questions to professors and other students during the tour.


UPM is organising different Technological Clinics with the purpose of  promoting engineering careers among secondary school students. Further information is accessible at UPM website!

The Netherlands
Divers tours to Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology including lectures, presentations and workshops were offered to female students in December 2014.