The following objectives have been defined:

  • To enhance collaboration among academia and industry, so that academia can better address the needs of industry and both can contribute to better gender balance by increasing the participation of female students/workers.
  • To identify existing reasons and possible causes for the low female interest in scientific studies and participation in the AI.
  • To increase the interest of female students/young women in scientific studies and AI careers by providing information on existing opportunities, presenting successful examples, and promoting events where they can share opinions and experiences with stakeholders involved in those sectors.
  • To support academia promoting gender balance in their scientific courses, and motivating female students to pursue careers in AI, by developing educational programmes that can contribute to diminishing prejudices and raising/increasing their interest in careers in AI.
  • To raise awareness among the general community of the opportunities for female participation in scientific st49441_1661udies and AI, through the organisation of several events and the release of promotional material.
  • To perform dissemination activities all over Europe in order to maximize the impact of the project activities and outcomes among the target groups, thereby improving the sustainability of the final outcomes.

By achieving the above listed objectives, the IN2SAI project will also contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of scientific studies and careers in AI among the female population, thereby stimulating gender balance in areas where females remain the underrepresented gender.