IN2SAI is an Erasmus project (Lifelong Learning Programme) with duration of 24 months – from October 2013 to September 2015. The project deals with the challenges connected to low female participation in the aeronautic industry (AI) and science studies in general.

Some facts and figures that serve as starting point for IN2SAI project:

  • Less than 15% of the workforce in AI is female;
  • Most women choose to enroll in arts, human studies, and social sciences;
  • Women that conclude studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) fields are less likely than men to work in these sectors;
  • Women in AI often occupy administrative and marketing – related positions;
  • Some jobs are still seen as “male jobs” (e.g. engineers) and others as “female jobs” (e.g. nurses);
  • In scientific research in 2009, female researchers represented less than 35% of all researchers in the EU;
  • Europe faces a shortage of perhaps 25,000 engineers per year. Replacement rates for engineers will rise and aerospace companies will compete for a shrinking pool of technical talent.

(Sources: Ecorys, 2009; Evans, s.d.; OECD, 2011; She Figures 2012; COM (2008) 868/3)

With different actions and activities the project aims to increase the participation of female students in higher education studies in scientific fields (especially those relevant for aeronautics) and to contribute to their integration into the Aeronautic Industry (AI).

Thereby the project addresses three types of target groups andstakeholders: