Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES) – Promoter


Mr. Javier Crespo Moreno

The Technical University of Madrid (UPM – www.upm.es) is one of the main universities in Spain. The activity in the field of the aeronautical science and engineering has been developed through the School of Technical Aeronautical Engineering (funded in 1939) and the University college of Technical Aeronautical Engineering (funded in 1962). UPM develops a broad and intensive research activity through more than 200 research groups. In the Airports, Air Navigation, and Air Traffic Control domains it is remarkable the activity developed the Research Group named GINA, “Grupo de Investigación de Navegación Aérea”. Active since the year 1992, the group consists of professors and researchers from the School of Technical Aeronautical Engineering and the University College of Technical Aeronautical Engineering. The main areas of research afforded by the group are:

  • Sensors and Algorithms: Analysis, development, and evaluation of enablers of CNS technologies.
  • Procedures and Implementation: Development of studies leading to the application of new procedures in air navigation and air traffic
  • Air Traffic Management: Development of studies related to the security, capacity, and deficiency of air transport.