Associated partners

ACstyria Aerospace (AT)


Mr. Thomas Putz

In the Styrian aerospace industry, around 800 employees generate an annual turnover of approx. 200 million euros. Among the key players are Pankl Aerospace, Böhler Schmiedetechnik and Magna Steyr. ACstyria aims to identify synergies between its partner companies and to enhance innovation through cross-sector projects in both the automotive and aerospace industry.
Particular emphasis is placed on conducting training courses (e.g. ISO certification) to qualify companies as suppliers for the aerospace industry. Furthermore, as a platform for networking and cooperation, ACstyria fosters the sharing of knowledge between its partner companies, for example at the annual ACstyria Aerospace Day. At present, ACstyria comprises over 40,000 employees in 180 partner companies with an annual turnover of around 10 billion Euros.